Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

FalconViz is setting the standards in historical site and monument documentation by creating highly detailed and accurate Historical Building Information Models (HBIM).

Upon request, FalconViz also creates high-fidelity 3D VR walkthroughs for visualization purposes.

Cultural Heritage


  • Full 3D Building Documentation
  • Scan-to-HBIM
  • GIS Online Building Asset Inventory
  • 2D Detailed Drawings (Elevations, Sections, Floor and Ceiling Plans)
  • 3D High-Detailed Textured Mesh and Point Cloud
  • 360° Interactive Virtual Tours
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality Walkthrough

Building GIS Online Asset Inventory Solution

We designed and developed an online GIS Asset Inventory Platform for the Ministry of Culture, Jeddah Historical Department. The platform was designed to visualize all the geographic and UAS scanning outputs for different stakeholders.

The platform is designed to visualize a complete 3D mass model of the entire Al Balad historical area, where the user can click on any building to retrieve different geographic and descriptive information. We also added a complete visual reporting engine to spontaneously filter the model based on land use, building condition, and ownership type.

The platform includes visualizing the 3D point cloud using the Potree plugin that enables users to take and export measurements and cross-sections of the model to better understand the urban fabrics. Cross-sections and measurements can be exported as point clouds or comma separated value files.

Building GIS Online Asset Inventory Solution Building GIS Online Asset Inventory Solution

Saudi Virtual Museum

We believe in the importance of virtual reality applications in the field of awareness, training, tourist attraction, cultural development, and the preservation of tangible and immaterial heritage. Utilizing the advanced technological capabilities made available to us through our presence within the Innovation Complex at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology we work to preserve heritage through the use of drones and laser scanners for 2D and 3D modeling.

We are developing the Saudi Virtual Reality Platform and making it available in many different languages. The Saudi Virtual Reality Platform project is an advanced interactive technology application that provides interesting cultural information on the Kingdom's tourist and cultural attractions in an interactive and attractive way. The project objectives are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its three levels of strategic objectives, as follows:

  • Promoting Islamic Values and National Identity
  • Strengthening the National Identity
  • Preserving and Publicizing the Kingdom's Islamic, Arab and National Heritage
  • Serving More Pilgrims to the Fullest
  • Enriching the Religious and Cultural Experience of Pilgrims
  • Facilitating Hosting More Pilgrims
  • Facilitating Access to the Two Holy Mosques
  • Economic Development and Diversification
  • Unlocking the Capabilities of Promising Non-Oil Sectors
  • Digital Economy Development
Saudi Virtual Museum Saudi Virtual Museum

Cultural Heritage Virtual Reality Walkthrough

We are using Virtual Reality to bring Saudi Arabian heritage to life. Our work with the Saudi Ministry of Culture, Soudah Development Company, Boutique Group, Royal Commission of Al Ula and Dirriyah Gate Development Authority is remarkable. We are employing our technology and best practices to set up an industry standard for how cultural heritage sites should be presented and digitally preserved. We specialize in building immersive virtual reality simulations for cultural heritage sites. Our VR experts design and develop special tools that enable us to process huge data sets and visualize them smoothly and interactively. Using state-of-the-art technology, we enable our clients with highly-detailed 3D VR walkthroughs and flythroughs of cultural heritage sites across Saudi Arabia.

  • Cultural Heritage Virtual Reality Walkthrough
  • Cultural Heritage Virtual Reality Walkthrough
  • Cultural Heritage Virtual Reality Walkthrough
  • Cultural Heritage Virtual Reality Walkthrough

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