Why work for Falconviz

The FalconViz team represents a unique blend of talents that bring together a perfect mix of competence, passion, and integrity. Our multicultural, multidisciplined workforce ensures that we always deliver our services with the utmost quality, while still fully enjoying the journey.

At FalconViz, we have taken into consideration the evolving needs and aspirations of our team. Hence, we have designed a comprehensive and progressive compensation package, that considers financial and non-financial components. Our package includes results and behavioral KPIs, and present and future-based elements, all of which are designed to ensure each team member will feel that they belong in our company. Team members will enjoy an enhancing, motivating, and rewarding work environment, with a true feeling of ownership and advocacy.

What We Believe In


We thrive on creative ideas, both at an individual and team level. We seek to progressive tools and techniques to ensure every creative and innovative thought is transformed from idea to tangible value on the ground.

Business/Operational Excellence

We are results oriented. We apply a philosophy of professional and personal excellence by employing problem-solving techniques, leadership, and teamwork.

Customer Centricity

We position the customer at the heart of our strategies, operations, and interactions. Our customers include our clients, team members, colleagues in other departments, service providers, and stakeholders.


We develop our mindset, capabilities, competencies, and attitudes to ensure a dynamic, agile, and productive workforce at all times. We seek to anticipate, prepare for, explore, and acquire opportunities faster and more effectively.


We develop every piece of knowledge, design every policy, and exert every effort, to ensure all our work—in terms of operations and outcomes—abides by the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Available Positions

Business Developer

1 opening: Remote

Project Manager

1 opening: Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Surveying Specialist

1 opening: NEOM, Saudi Arabia