Construction Monitoring

Monthly Aerial Videography and Photography

FalconViz provides services for covering large and small-scale events. We provide high-definition aerial videos and images for clients across multiple industries for the purpose of planning, documenting, or marketing.For example, Falconviz takes monthly drone footage of construction sites. All aerial photos and video footage taken from pre-determined flight paths will be available as separate files and can also be assembled as “time-lapse” sequences to show project progression.

Quantity Surveying

Cut & Fill (Earthworks Excavation & Filling)

Falconviz’s methodology for calculating a cut and fill (earthworks excavation and filling) report provides enormous value to our client’s construction teams by making the reports available in an interactive presentation mode. The FalconViz cut & fill report represents the state-of-the-art approach to properly calculating volumetric changes of earthwork on construction sites. In the table below, calculations for sample areas are presented. The FalconViz approach to calculating cut and fill starts by associating the Above Ground Level (AGL) level recorded before work on the site with a DTM generated by a UAV.

The AGL is used as the base level from which the cut and fill can be calculated. Surfaces for the AGL and the DTM are generated in AutoCAD Civil3D software. The resulting surfaces are then analyzed using the AutoCAD Civil Volumetric analyzer. The analysis allows for individual areas to be selected which allows for controlled measurement of the cut and fill.

Cut & Fill (Earthworks Excavation & Filling)
Quantity Surveying Arrows
AGL Surface with limited distribution of measurements provided by a client Vs DTV Surface generated by a FalconViz UAV with a high-density of measurements used to generate the model.
Point Cloud

Comparing BIM Design with the Current As-Built
(Point Cloud)

We use the latest technology available on the market to compare the as-built point cloud against the design BIM model. All software is compatible with standard engineering software such as Autodesk and MicroStation.

Time-Lapse Cameras

  • Wireless 4G Camera Day and Night
  • Online Remote Viewing on PC / Smart Phone
  • IP-66 Weatherproof Housing-Withstands Dust, Rain & Heat
  • Solar Power Supply + Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Camera Stand Height: 8-11 meters
Time-Lapse Cameras
Live Monitoring Remote Control
Live Monitoring & Remote Control

Admin users can watch a live feed and remotely adjust the camera settings. Login from a PC or Mac or Mobile any time, anywhere.

Instant Access to Time-lapse images
Instant Access to Time-lapse images

Sync your own server & cloud storage for backup and monitoring. Get instant access to your time-lapse images

3 Data Storage Points
3 Data Storage Points

Since most long-term time-lapses will last several years, protecting your data and images is paramount. Captured data and images are kept on the internal computer and synced to a google drive.

Future Proof with 4K Ultra HD
Future Proof with 4K Ultra HD

Our Time-Lapse System works with any Canon DSLR to capture-high resolution photos for UltraHD 4K and beyond.

Images for Progress Reports
Images for Progress Reports

Beyond capturing images for time-lapse video production, the high-res photos can also be used for your work progress reports and presentations.

Solar Powered
Solar Powered

Our system use the latest mono-crystalline, semi-flexible, and lightweight solar panels. These panels only need 4 to 6 hours of Sunlight to keep the system running 24/7.

Our Time-Lapse Video Generator Application

  • View images from each camera on your desktop
  • Search for images by date and time
  • Generate customized time-lapse videos over any time interval.
  • Compare images from the same camera at different times
Our Time-Lapse Video Generator Application Our Time-Lapse Video Generator Application Our Time-Lapse Video Generator Application

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