Open House

Helping Shape the future of Saudi Arabia

Open House

FalconViz hosted an Open House event in KAUST from the 4th to the 8th of December, 2022. The Open House consisted of two areas. The first area was a FalconViz museum where visitors could explore the history of FalconViz from the humble beginnings of made-in-house drones to the cutting edge technologies used for data acquisition in the modern day. Also on display in the museum were several videos showcasing FalconViz’s latest and greatest projects.

The second area featured two interactive activities for guests to experience. One booth was designated for a VR experience of the historical district of Al Diriyah, which FalconViz scanned, processed, and converted into a VR model. The other booth featured a racing drone simulator where visitors could learn how to fly a racing drone and try their luck at several timed laps for their chance to win an iPad or Oculus Goggles.

With reservations for both booths fully booked for the entire week, the excitement was building amongst the FalconViz team to provide all visitors with experiences they would never forget.

The Open House event kicked off on Sunday with VIP visitors from KAUST, proceeded by MoU signings. FalconViz signed Memorandums of Understanding with three entities. The first entity is Valorhiz, who specialize in designing, supplying, and implementing innovative solutions for functional diagnosis, biological treatment, and monitoring of soils. The second memorandum was signed with Grow Biom, a start-up company focusing on the manufacturing and retail of bio-stimulants to assist farmers in attaining better growth for their plants with better equipped natural defenses against diseases and external stresses.

With these two strategic alliances, FalconViz is even better equipped to tackle agricultural issues by leveraging new technologies. Finally, FalconViz signed a memorandum of understanding with Thyatech, which was established by a team of AI experts with the aim of empowering every business with AI, alleviating any client’s workload by automatizing tedious tasks. This alliance will enable FalconViz to offer AI-driven solutions and, along with the other two alliances, will create new avenues to have a positive impact on the Saudi economy and align with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The remaining days saw a constant stream of curious visitors to both areas of FalconViz’s Open House. Levels of interest were ever-growing and the general public, as well as subject experts alike, were all impressed by the capabilities showcased by FalconViz. On the final day, FalconViz hosted KAUST school children to showcase our emerging technologies to the professionals of the future, in the hope that they would be inspired by our success story.

Throughout the week, competition was heating up in the drone race challenge, with visitors logging in extremely close and competitive times in the time trial. When all scores were calculated, however, the two winning times were a very impressive 11.217 and 11.786 seconds! There were many visitors who answered the FalconViz questionnaire completely correctly as well, which led to us having to draw a random winner from the list of eligible visitors. Congratulations to everyone!

Virtual Reality Booth

Experience Saudi UNESCO heritage sites scanned by FalconViz drones

Drone Race Simulation

Participate in the drone race and win IPAD or Occulus Quest 2


Hannan Mohiuddin
Abdullah Abuzaid

Occulus Quest 2 Raffle

Go to the Raffle Questionnaire to win Occulus Quest 2


Shaemudin Zamerudin

All in all, the FalconViz Open House was a huge success on many levels. We were delighted to host all visitors, please keep a lookout for the next Open House event which we will be hosting in a new location in the near future! We hope to see you there.